A big congratulations to our Lethbridge performers that have been recommended to the first-ever Canada West Festival! For more information, head to www.canadawestfestival.ca.

2022 Canada West Recommendations


Congratulations to all of our participants! For full results, please head to the Alberta Provincial Music Festival website: 2022 Virtual Alberta Provincial Music Festival Results

2022 Prov. Fest. Results 1 Re-edit
2022 Prov. Fest. Results 2


Congratulations to all of our participants!

Complete results: 2021 Alberta Provincial Music Festival Results

2021 Alberta Excellence
2021 Speech
2021 Musical Theatre
2021 Classical Vocal
2021 Strings
2021 Piano
2021 Contemporary Vocal


This year, the Provincial Festival has allowed up to two participants per category. There will be no live sessions, so results will be posted no later than June 21, 2021 here: Results | Alberta Music Festival Association. Congratulations to all of our chosen performers!


Classical Vocal: Alexandra Morgan

Musical Theatre: Stephanie King

Piano: Noah Robertson

Woodwind: Xinhong Li



Senior- Aaron Richardson/Alexandra Morgan/Daniel Kim



10 Years & Under: Meah Orr, Nathan Morphis

12 Years & Under: Seth Boehme

Senior: Sloan Smith



12 Years & Under: Annie Edwards, Sophie Goth

16 Years & Under: Hayden Hagel, Briony Hodgkinson, Alexis Borbely (Alternate)

Senior: Maria Pickering, Riley Vanderburgh, Darci Wright (Alternate)



12 Years & Under: Daniel Horbachewski

16 Years & Under; Masataro Tatsuno

Senior: David Oler



12 Years & Under: Selina Sun, Kathleen Wu, Robert Zhao (Alternate)

16 Years & Under: Rhiannon Kooy, Steven Yang


Ballad or Up-Tempo, 6-9 Years Old: Hannah Boehme, Meah Orr

Ballad, 12 Years & Under: Davida Letourneau

Up-Tempo, 12 Years & Under: Sophie Goth

Ballad, 16 Years & Under: Maren Livingstone, Maria Pickering, Hayden Hagel (Alternate)

Up-Tempo, 16 Years & Under: Maria Pickering, Shayleen Mann

Ballad, Senior: Mayanna Carter, Hannah Orr, Sloan Smith (Alternate)

Up-Tempo, Senior: Dean di Palma, Alexandra Morgan, Hannah Orr (Alternate)



12 Years & Under: Keitaro Tatsuno, Robert Zhao

16 Years & Under: Steven Yang, Zitong Wu, Allison Baptista (Alternate)



Grade 4/5: Ezra Eaton

Grade 6/7: Joanna Grisnich

Grade 8/9: Jeremiah Roemmele

Grade 10/ARCT: Charlie Eaton, Janelle Wipf



Violin, 16 Years & Under: Isla Strong

Violin, Senior: Alayna McNeil

Cello, 16 Years & Under: Jane Eaton

Community Foundation - Vertical


The Lethbridge & District Music & Speech Arts Festival Society gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta, a public foundation serving the community of Southwestern Alberta. This generous contribution allowed us to purchase a new laptop and accompanying technology to assist in planning our Virtual Festival!
2021 AGM

In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Lethbridge & District Music & Speech Arts Festival, the Board of Directors proudly presents the “Anniversary Video”.  This video was part of the celebrations planned by the Anniversary sub-committee.  While we were not able to carry out the majority of those plans, we did want to premiere the video.

The Board would like to thank Jim McNally from “The Commercial Factory” (our videographer and advisor for this project), Gloria Torrance, Ken Rogers, Sandra Brunelle  (Anniversary Sub-Committee Members), and the Video participants (Jean Robin, Leroy Cranston, Kirk Muspratt, Irene Penner, and Sandra Brunelle) without whose kind participation the video would not have been possible.

It is our hope to share with you a glimpse into the proud history of the festival and the impact that it had and will continue to have on the lives of those associated with it.

Karen J Kay

Board Director and Chairperson, 90th Anniversary Sub-Committee

thank you!

The Lethbridge & District Music & Speech Arts Festival Society wishes to recognize 98.1 2Day FM for their generous financial contribution. Thank you for your support of our annual festival!


In light of the rising cases of COVID-19 in Southern Alberta, the Society Board has elected to cancel our upcoming Annual General Meeting. The board will handle all AGM matters at a future monthly board meeting and report the outcomes to the membership.


March 13, 2020

The Lethbridge and District Music and Speech Arts Festival Society Board announces, with regret, the cancellation of the 2020 Festival scheduled for March 23-April 4, which includes all sessions and concerts.  This is in accordance with the Alberta Government’s directive concerning COVID-19, issued on March 12th, that all large gatherings with 250 or more attendees be cancelled. Festival registrants may donate their fees to the Festival (tax receipt available) or request a full refund by contacting the General Manager (generalmanager@lethmsf.org).

We will celebrate our 90th (+1) anniversary next year, March 15-27, 2021. We will provide further updates via our website, social media and email as the situation unfolds.  The Society Board wants to thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

2019 AB Excel Mus Th
AB Excel Woodwinds
AB Excel Choir 16 years
2019 Prov Results #1
AB Excel Choir 19 years
2019 Prov Results #2
2019 Choral Vocal
2019 Musical Theatre
2019 Speech
2019 Instrumental
2019 Percussion
2019 Strings
2019 Piano
2019 Vocal

Important News Regarding Provincial National Classes

Please read the letter from Beth Cook, Alberta Music Festival Association's President regarding our withdrawal from Federation of Canadian Music Festivals.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our general manager, Natasha Tompkins, at 403-381-6512.
2018 Nationals Results
2018 Speech
2018 Piano
2018 Prov Results
2018 Musical Theatre
2018 Choral Rec
2018 Vocal
2018 Strings

2017 Nationals Results

  • Madison Craig (voice) - Third
  • Cantrice (choral)- Second
  • LCI Singers (choral)- Second

Congratulations to all of our participants!

For full results, see the following press releases:




2017 Provincial Festival Results

  • Isabelle Robinson, 12 & Under Violin, second
  • Terra Friesen, 17 & Under Speech, second
  • Olivia Earl, Senior Speech, second
  • Makayla Holthe, 12 & Under Musical Theatre, second
  • Hannah Orr, 16 & Under Girls Vocal, second
  • Samuel Thompson, 16 & Under Boys Vocal, second

The following groups/individuals were recommended to the National Music Festival:

  • Madison Craig (vocal)
  • Cantrice
  • LCI Singers
  • Ventus Women's Choir
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