The Lethbridge & District Music & Speech Arts Festival has three types of Awards for our Participants:

  • Trust Scholarships (*) made available by the income derived from the Scholarship Trust Funds
  • Cash Awards made possible each year by the generosity of our donors
  • Trophies & Plaques given out for one year

Awards available at the 2024 Festival include:

  • Rose Bowl: 1 award available, $1000 value
  • General Awards: 12 awards available ranging in value from $165 to $400
  • Band: 9 awards available ranging from $100 to $250
  • Classical Vocal: 23 awards available ranging from $70-$350
  • Community Choral: 3 awards available ranging from $110 to $150
  • Contemporary Voice: 2 awards available ranging from $100 to $250
  • Creative Music: 1 award, $80 value
  • Guitar: 2 awards available at $75 each, total of $150
  • Handbells: 1 award available, $75 value
  • Instrumental: 7 awards available ranging from $50-$410
  • Musical Theatre: 6 awards available ranging from $50 to $250
  • Organ: 1 award available, $100 value
  • Percussion: 2 awards available, $100 value each, total of $200
  • Piano: 17 awards available ranging from $50-$650
  • School Choral: 9 awards available ranging from $100-$250
  • School Choral Speech: 2 awards available, $60 + $70 value each
  • School Vocal Solos: 2 awards available $150 value each
  • Speech: 7 awards available ranging from $100-$350
  • Strings: 6 awards available ranging from $50-$250

We thank our many sponsors and donors for these awards.

Cash Awards and Scholarship Rules

  1. Scholarships are awarded by a Scholarship Committee, which take into consideration:
  • Wishes of the donor or explicit trust conditions laid down by an endowment.
  • Marks achieved both in individual classes and total performances.
  • Recommendations and comments of the Adjudicators.
  1. Scholarships are not necessarily awarded to those attaining the highest mark, but the winner must obtain a mark of at least 80, unless otherwise specified by the donor.
  2. Any student, or group of students, may enter the Lethbridge and District Music and Speech Arts Festival, however, scholarships, awards, and Provincial Festival Recommendations given by the festival shall be restricted to entrants who reside within the boundaries described below, or to entrants who are taking music lessons from a recognized teacher who resides and teaches them within these same boundaries. Entrants who do not meet these restrictions will receive an adjudication only. The boundaries of the festival shall correspond to the Oldman River Regional Services Commission boundaries, which include the following areas: Municipal Districts of Ranchland, Pincher Creek, Crowsnest Pass, Willow Creek, and Taber; Counties of Vulcan, Lethbridge, Cardston, Newell, and Warner; and the First Nations Reserves.
  3. Scholarships may be withheld at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.
  4. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee are final.
  5. Some Scholarships can only be used to further a winner’s musical education or for purposes incidental to music education; ie. Purchase of instrument, travel etc.

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